Baptist Union UK – Review

REVIEWED BY: Martin Poole
15 July 2016

Found by Love

By Rahil Patel

Published by Instant Apostle
ISBN 978-1-909728-42-4

Reviewed by Martin Poole

As Rahil Patel takes the reader through his remarkable account of coming to faith in Jesus Christ, we are given a glimpse of the opulence enjoyed within the inner sanctum of Gujarati Hindus, one of the many varied facets of Hinduism.

With several thousand centres in 45 countries, head office in India and global hubs in major cities around the world, we are introduced to this saffron-robed, globe-trotting priest who is fawned over by British Airways staff as he takes yet another first-class flight.

Later we encounter him travelling in a new aircraft occupying his own bedroom and shower at 40,000 feet. The best hotels and the adulation of thousands of followers was the template of Rahil’s daily life.

In his teenage years, Rahil viewed his faith’s guru – Guruji – as if he were God on earth and set his heart on becoming a Swami (Hindu priest). A chance meeting with Guruji, who saw his potential followed and his life’s course was set. There was no question of his sincerity as he willingly submitted to a regime of early rising, set times of Arti (worship), the study of Hindu texts and regular, sometimes pointless chores.

An internal struggle surfaced now and again as he wondered if he were being brainwashed and in the years that followed, little cracks of disappointment began to appear as he witnessed inconsistencies in the movement.

Brief exposure to the Bible and a visit to the Willow Creek Church in Chicago became catalysts that challenged Rahil’s rule-focussed belief system. Even a moment from a Lord of the Rings film would give a further stimulus to his journey to Christianity as would the growing understanding that “his heart was not where his robes suggested”.

The Harry Potter books which Rahil enjoyed fed his mind with a realisation that the greatest gift one could have was to love. Love was absent from his religion full of rituals and rigid disciplines.

The breakthrough came with an unplanned visit to Holy Trinity Brompton Church, which manifested an overwhelming love to this disillusioned seeker. Commitment to Christ, baptism and filling of the Spirit were to follow, and now, God would use Rahil’s public speaking gifts to draw other seekers to Him.

Read Rahil’s biography and see how God works in a variety of ways to make His grace known to a life parched of the authentic love of God.

The Revd Martin Poole (retired Baptist Minister having served churches in Penarth, Godalming and Eastleigh)

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