A Tale of Two Worlds

Rahil and his wife Szabina live in Oxford, United Kingdom. Rahil has engaged in Eastern spirituality and culture under the tutelage of various Hindu scholars and gurus for 20 years. Respected by thousands of followers all over the world through his insightful oratory, vision and cross-cultural insight, he travelled extensively helping people to live a fulfilling and better life. And yet, with all the adulation, attention and accolades of a high-ranking monk and spiritual guide, he knew deep within that something was still amiss. Rahil began searching intensely for truth, reality while longing for a deep sense of fulfilment in life. Ever since he was a young child, Rahil was a passionate seeker of a deep inner peace amidst all the chaos and confusion of the world. This led him to set off on a two-thousand-mile pilgrimage traversing the length and breadth of the mystical land of India. While he was on this journey of truth, he began to read and listen intently to talks from a wide spectrum of intellectuals who were rooted in Eastern spirituality. However, at the age of 40, he came to a realisation that his pursuit of truth was all in vain. Rahil renounced his monkhood and eschewed the attention of the thousands of devotees who cherished and respected him. Rahil returned to civilian life. He concluded that a deep sense of peace, joy and truth in the midst of pain and suffering was merely an idea one could discuss endlessly, both intellectually and spiritually, yet arrive at nothing...it was simply chasing something elusive. Yet, an unexpected and life-changing mystical encounter with Jesus Christ changed Rahil’s assumptions forever. After his water baptism, he began to realise to his own surprise that religion and spirituality have their subtle but tangible limits into the dimensions of joy, peace and truth that one can experience while a personal relationship with God has no borders or boundaries. Soon, Rahil began to ponder about his experiences with people, places, scriptures and scholars from various cultural backgrounds that he had encountered on his numerous trips across the world. Seeing people how God sees them, gives Rahil the insight and wisdom into what they were created to be. God has a unique personal plan and purpose for each person. Nothing is wasted, regardless of their background, abilities or limitations.


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