Speaking Engagements

Speaking truth into life’s challenges and encouraging others to lead more peace-filled lives

Travelling allows wisdom and humility to settle into our hearts by tirelessly reminding us how much we do not know.

Whether it's enchanting mystical pilgrimages across India or encountering the complex cultures of South America to exciting adventures traversing the expansive length and breadth of East Africa and USA, a wealth of experience has flooded Rahil’s life for which he is always grateful. With more than 400 trips to captivating countries across Europe he has concluded that there is boundless joy in learning more of the beautiful and intricate world that reflects and radiates God’s heart.

Born in Kenya, raised in England and trained as a monk in India, Rahil owns a unique insight into the East-West cultures and worldviews.

Rahil hosts Q&A sessions wherever he travels and offers audiences access into the eastern mind through engaging with conflicting ideas, thoughts and insights from his story. He is also a faculty member for the Speakers Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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